17-Year-old girl indecently touched on bus: suspect in custody

17-year-old girl indecently touched on bus: suspect in custody

The 18-year-old allegedly became pushy on the bus between aschaffenburg and his hometown of kitzingen two days in a row in february. Previously, he is scheduled to speak on 12. February had already approached the young woman at the bus station in aschaffenburg "and asked for her telephone number. This emerges from a joint press release by the police prasidium of lower franconia and the wurzburg public prosecutor’s office.

Two incidents on the bus

On the way home to his residence in kitzingen, the man sat down next to the young woman in a bus and became pushy, wrote senior public prosecutor boris raufeisen and police spokesman enrico ball. The 18-year-old "touched her indecently several times when there were no more passengers on the bus". The next day, there is said to have been another encounter on the way home – and more indecent touches.

Investigations by the criminal investigation department in cooperation with the aschaffenburg police led to an urgent suspicion against the young man, who lives in kitzingen. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in wurzburg, the investigating judge in charge issued a warrant of arrest on urgent suspicion of sexual assault in two cases.

Taken into custody by the investigating judge

On tuesday, 5. Marz, a patrol of the kitzingen police arrested the suspect in his apartment and brought him before the investigating judge. After the arrest warrant was issued, the police transferred the defendant to a correctional facility. Further investigations are being conducted by the aschaffenburg police in close cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office in wurzburg.

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