A marienhof on marienplatz

A marienhof on marienplatz

Somewhat rebuilt, almost hidden, is the former community barn in the center of wiesentheide, directly on marienplatz square. The municipality, as the owner, wants to build apartments into the property, which is partly a listed building, and into the rear area of the adjoining building. A residential courtyard is to be built there, for the planning of which the municipality had announced an architectural competition in the context of the urban development requirement.

The conversion is to serve as a model project for future projects. In the building committee the winners of the competition of the buro umarchitekt in bamberg presented their plans in more detail, with which they want to transform the whole area into the "marienhof", as they called it. The barn and the building formerly used by the red cross local group are to become a residential complex with several apartments.

480 square meters of living space

A two-storey extension of the barn is planned. It will be connected to the adjacent building, with which it will form an L-shape. The gross living area was calculated at 480 square meters.

Ulrich manz from architketurburo presented the plan in more detail.

They want to "bring back" the natural stones of the building as well as the half-timbering in the roof, i.E. Make them visible. Among other things, an inner courtyard is planned from which a view of the south gable of the neighboring templerhaus is possible.

Rate taken by the design

During the discussion in the building committee, details were also discussed. Wiesentheid’s mayor klaus kohler and the committee members had some questions and suggestions. Overall, they were quite taken with the draft and agreed to it.

Committee member heinrich worner subsequently wanted to know how the matter would now proceed. The next step is to submit the documents to the government, which has to approve them because of the envisaged subsidies for the urban development project. It also said it would have to coordinate with historic preservation authorities. Then, according to planner manz, a revision will follow, as well as the cost estimate, the approval and finally the tendering of the work. He estimated that construction would start in spring 2022 at the earliest. He expects a construction time of one year, the planner said.

In an earlier version it was stated that the construction will start in spring 2020. But the correct date is the spring of 2022.

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