A new look at the human being

A new look at the human being

Presenting modern art is certainly not an easy task. The market in buttenheim succeeds in the framework of the series "art in B – art in buttenheim" again and again, supra-regionally known artists are attracted to exhibitions at the levi strauss museum. For buttenheim’s mayor michael karmann (zwdg/CSU), the countryside can also provide a platform for "creative thinking and action". Museum director tanja roppelt recalled the first exhibition opening of "introspection" by jose salinas jose salinas’ first preparatory talks three years ago and thanked the artist for his patience and tireless commitment to the exhibition.

Strong, dynamic figures

Spanish artist jose salinas is known for his digital art, a combination of virtual photography and traditional art. His works show three-dimensional bodies and faces, which are printed with high resolution and color intensity using 3-D computer animation techniques. Salinas conveys body interaction through strong and dynamic figures that change their form the closer they get to another figure. With the help of computer painting, a unique and completely new view of the human being is taken. The sequential portraits "pink portrait" shown in buttenheim (2017) deal with the subject of introspection; the series "two bodies in a pink space" is a good example of this (2017) shows two bodies in interaction.
Jose salinas was born in madrid, studied architecture in london and worked in new york from 2000 to 2008. After exhibitions, among others in new york, seoul, paris, madrid and berlin, as well as various teaching activities all over the world, he now lives with his family in buttenheim.
Salinas created his works on view at the museum especially for this exhibition. A sculpture was added for the first time. Inspired by the landscape around buttenheim, his work "forest in white" has a "pink period" the complexity of the forest expressed artistically. At the opening of the exhibition he spoke about how important the new environment is for his artistic work. He wanted this "new beginning with a "pink period print.
Gerhard schlotzer, chairman of the professional association of artists in upper franconia e.V. (BBK), presented salina’s work and described the images "as stations on an exploratory journey into synthetic spaces of possibility".


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