A picture of a farmer

A picture of a farmer

Is axel roth excited when he thinks about tomorrow? "A weng scho", he says. But only "a little, because the mere fact that he was present this wednesday at the "night of agriculture" is not enough in berlin as one of the finalists in the competition for the title of "farmer of the year he feels that the fact that he is there is already a huge success.

The 23-year-old can see it that way, because: "more than 240 applications were received for the ceresaward this year – a new record, says uwe steffin, editor-in-chief of the trade magazine agrarheute. The magazine awards the prize, which young farmers from all over the german-speaking world can apply for. 33 applicants are selected by a jury for the finals, three in each category of the award ceremony. To be one of 33 out of 240, axel roth can already chalk up a considerable success for himself.

The beiersdorf native is competing in the young farmer category. Other categories include arable farmer, organic farmer, energy farmer, beef cattle farmer, poultry farmer, business idea, manager, dairy farmer, pig farmer and entrepreneur. The decisive factor for winning is not high performance in the field or in the barn, but the best economic results, while at the same time taking into account the entrepreneurial virtues of farmers, such as courage, inventiveness and a sense of responsibility for people, animals and nature.

Second chance

Winning his category has already brought axel roth prize money of 1,000 euros. The overall winner will receive a social media workshop worth 1500 euros in addition to the 10,000 euros in prize money. The background to the award ceremony is that the image of agriculture in the public eye is to be cleared of misunderstandings. "More and more farmers are seeking dialogue with consumers and using the ceresaward to explain their work. Recent studies show farmers and consumers are not far apart on critical issues. Misunderstandings should be cleared, the thread of conversation should be resumed", says uwe steffin

In order to get an idea of the applicant and the farm, and probably also to compare this image with the one that emerged from the application documents, a team of the jury visited axel roth on his farm in beiersdorf. The impressions gained are then included in a description of the candidate, with which he is presented for the night of agriculture. The teams have a long way to go to get there. Applicants come from all over germany, austria, luxembourg and switzerland. The most northerly farm this year is in north friesland – the most southerly candidate comes from south tyrol.

A goddess stood godmother

The ceresaward is named after ceres, the roman goddess of agriculture, fertility, growth and prosperity. According to the initiators, this name sponsorship expresses the fact that – regardless of how farmers organize their farms today – the basis for their work is always the soil and its preservation is the focus of responsible management.

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