A piece of culture preserved

A piece of culture preserved

Exactly 25 years ago, the first upper franconian village school museum was inaugurated and thus a piece of culture was preserved. The anniversary was celebrated with a small ceremony.
The idea for the museum came from the former elementary school teacher and current chairman of the "kodnitz village school museum" association, gunter wild. With heart and soul and a great deal of attention to detail, a jewel has been created that radiates far beyond the borders of the community.
Mayor stephan heckel-michel (CSU) referred to a statement made by the then district administrator herbert hofmann at the opening of the village school museum: "our magnificent museum landscape in the district of kulmbach will be enriched by the village school museum in kodnitz." He thanked all those who have kept the village school museum alive for 25 years, first and foremost gunter wild, whom mayor stephan heckel-michel described as the leading wolf of the museum facility. "The municipality of kodnitz has at least made its financial contribution throughout this time, but to run a museum on its own was and will remain unthinkable in the future. I hope that in the future, too, committed people, preferably from the field, will be found to keep the school life of yesteryear alive."
Deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann spoke of the attractive museum landscape in the district. It’s important "that we preserve our identity and our local history. The village school museum is a real hotspot. A visit reminds you of your own school days.
Further congratulations were conveyed by board member dieter bordihn of the VR-bank oberfranken-mitte, who was enthusiastic about the classroom and presented a donation, as well as district curator of local history ulrich wirz, who as a former folschnitzer had closely followed the development of the museum and is a member of the association "village school museum kodnitz" is. Wirz: "gunter wild has successfully mastered the ridge walk between home and village school museum." He assured that the district of upper franconia with gunther dippold, the chief curator of local history, will continue to stand by the side of the village school museum, at least ideally.
Gunter wild took a look back at the history of the village school museum and emphasized its unique selling point: "here in the school hall, visitors to this house can relive the 200-year-old pattern of teaching in the one-class country school, the extinct method of teaching in a class of eight years – from the ABC scouts to the confirmation candidates." With impressive words wild proved the museum’s right to exist.
The celebration ended with a meal together in the garden of the village school museum and a film contribution that had been made for a competition.The musical accompaniment was provided by the high school student leonie neubauer.


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