A top destination for germans

Ebermannstadt – bizarre rocky landscapes, picturesque villages and untouched nature – the vacation region of french switzerland is once again one of the top travel destinations for germans this year. Now the area has been awarded the title "most popular vacation region" awarded in the category of low mountain ranges.
French-speaking switzerland secured a place among the top ten in the category of low mountain ranges – an excellent ranking, according to the french-speaking switzerland tourist board, considering the almost 300 choices and a total of 140,000 customer votes cast in the survey. The region, which is ideal for hiking, biking and climbing in a breathtaking natural setting, shares sixth place overall with the thuringer wald vacation region with a top rating of 2.35. "The satisfaction of our guests is very important to us. We are therefore very happy that our efforts have now been rewarded with the title of ‘most popular vacation region’. We will continue to do our utmost to continuously improve the tourist infrastructure for our visitors", according to sandra schneider, head of the france switzerland tourist office.
Germany test, a brand of focus-money, is considered for years as a renowned rough in the conduct of scientific studies and tests. In this survey, a total of 296 selected vacation destinations throughout germany were put to the vote.
The central question revolved around one’s own experience as a tourist in the respective region. For each participant in the study, the distance of the place of residence to the vacation region was also taken into account, so that a population-presumptive result could be obtained. Each participant was given a choice of vacation destinations that was easy for them to choose from. If he was a guest or tourist there in the past twelve months, he was allowed to rate the region on a satisfaction scale from 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor).
At least 500 customer votes were required for each destination in order to calculate an average value for the evaluation, according to the tourist office.

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