Annafest balance: this is the conclusion of the police and public order service

Annafest balance: this is the conclusion of the police and public order service

The last mab festbier is emptied. A gingerbread heart with a "grub from the forchheim "annafest 2018 accompanies georg and karin on their way home. "Orch schoo" it was. As it says on the annafest t-shirt, the "king alladooch", alias uli raab, has designed, stands.

Estimated 400.000 visitors at annafest 2018

Sigrid mauser from the public order office in forchheim agrees. She only knows satisfied exhibitors. And the landlords can’t complain either. Although there is no longer a host spokesman, but in view of estimated 400.000 visitors on the ten festive days must have been the turnover, suspects sigrid mauser. "I have not seen a cellar that was empty! The guests have already spread all over kellerwald."

"It was a family festival, the way it should be", finds the employee of the forchheim public order office. Walter graser of the workers’ samaritan association (ASB) grafenberg agrees with them. Together with the colleagues of the red cross, its employees took over the sanitary service. At least seven ASB officers were on duty every day, and more on weekends. According to glaser, the ASB staff provided a total of well over one thousand hours of voluntary assistance.

99.9 percent peaceful annafest guests

While the red cross recorded 228 interventions, the ASB recorded 201. "The majority were trifles. Insect bites were treated with fenistil, in the case of bruises a plaster was put on and that was it", describes glaser. Then there were a few more sprained bones. "Circulatory problems, which we had feared due to the heat, occurred quite rarely", the head of the rescue service is delighted.

The number of people who were hospitalized due to excessive alcohol consumption or serious injuries was limited to 34 cases. In comparison with the assumed 400.000 festival visitors, that’s a percentage of just 0.085 percent.

"The presence of up to 40 security staff from the nurnberg security service, a large police presence and the presence of the security guard gave festival-goers a feeling of security", sigrid mauser from the city’s public order department is convinced.

The police were called out 175 times more often this year than in the previous year. In addition to assistance, dispute resolution and increasing the visible presence of the police, the main focus of the operation was on various order disturbances and the recording of crimes. The number of bodily injuries increased by three to 18 compared to the previous year. The further balance shows one robbery, four thefts, five insults (last year 13), eight property damages and one drunk driving incident. 20 people were taken into temporary custody.

Inglorious exceptions

Although there was a slight increase in the number of assaults, according to a police spokeswoman, in most cases the opponents were not seriously injured. The inglorious exception was a dangerous bodily injury, in which a 27-year-old man suddenly hit a 16-year-old in the face with a beer mug, injuring him severely. Two as yet unknown persons beat up a man and took his wallet and cell phone.

Police officers attacked

According to the police spokeswoman, the number of aggressive offenses against police officers was striking. Four police officers were slightly injured in six incidents. Security staff and rescue workers also complained of a lack of respect and increasing aggression. A doctor and three nurses were injured by a drunken annafest visitor during his "after-hours" treatment physically and verbally assaulted.

In six sexually motivated crimes, female visitors to the annafest were touched indecently on the breasts or on the gesab (above the clothing). Two offenders have already been identified by the police.

Annafest: man hits 16-year-old in the face with beer mug – sent to special clinic with pierced lip
while fences and cars were the main targets of property damage in the previous year, this year’s disputes involved damage to clothing, glasses and other personal belongings. All in all, a large number of visitors to the festival, some of them heavily intoxicated, demanded a great deal of tact from the police and security staff, but also sustained action. In most cases it remained with lectures. 40 people were banned for the current anna festival day.

Four men were banned from "ana fest" issued a ban on entering the festival grounds for the remainder of the festival.

Summing up, the police notes that at the annafest, measured by the number of visitors, was predominantly socially celebrated. According to the police, the cooperation of all the organizations involved in the festival and the commitment of their employees were the guarantee that thousands of visitors were able to enjoy this beautiful festival.

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