Apple and htc end patent dispute

Apple and htc end patent dispute

It includes not only previous patents, but also future ones. Mutual lawsuits are dropped. Further terms of the deal were not initially disclosed. HTC only stated that there will be no significant burden on finances.

Iphone inventor apple and taiwan-based HTC had accused each other of patent infringement in several lawsuits. In germany alone, patent expert florian muller paid for four lawsuits. The dispute was part of the rough patent war between apple and manufacturers of guessed with the google operating system android. The conflict with samsung is particularly bitter. And since the cell phone pioneer motorola was bought by google, the internet company is also directly involved in the dispute.

The terms of the deal between apple and HTC were not initially disclosed. In addition to the question of where the money is going, it would also be interesting to know whether apple has included its multitouch patents in the settlement. These intellectual property rights on the typical operation of the iphone touchscreen are considered the crown jewel in apples patent portfolio and have been left out of previous agreements. The heads of apple and HTC, tim cook and peter chou, said in unison that they were pleased the dispute was over and wanted to focus on innovation.

Neither apple nor HTC had been able to inflict heavy defeats on each other in the conflict, which has been going on since 2010. HTC lost in front of the US trade authority ITC, which can stop imports into the USA, but quickly presented workarounds. However, the conflict still affected HTC’s business this year: the launch of several major models in the U.S. Was delayed due to regulatory reviews. This also led to poorer business figures.

All in all, smartphone pioneer HTC is currently in a crisis: its market share in the computer handset business recently fell to four percent, and even in the christmas quarter a drop in sales is expected. A long and expensive patent war has thus become an increasingly dangerous burden for the taiwanese company.

HTC had received patents from google as support in the patent dispute and also bought the company S3 graphics for around 300 million dollars because of its portfolio. Another acquisition may have been more successful: HTC took over patents from the company ADC telecommunications on technologies for the super-fast data radio LTE for 75 million dollars. Apple tried to have it declared null and void by the ITC, but was unsuccessful. HTC may also have had leverage against its main rival.

Meanwhile, the conflict between apple and samsung continues unabated. The sudkoreans continue to fight the decision of californian jurors who awarded apple over one billion dollars in damages in august. Google, on the other hand, is already having to make short work of the motorola proceedings: the company is being targeted by U.S. And european anti-trust authorities because patents that form part of the basic set of standards were used in the proceedings. Special rules apply to such intellectual property rights and competitors must not be disadvantaged.


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