Attack in stolberg: victim and perpetrator probably knew each other

Attack in stolberg: victim and perpetrator probably knew each other

After a suspected islamist-motivated knife attack in stolberg near aachen, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 21-year-old suspect on charges of grievous bodily harm.

This was announced by a spokesman for the dusseldorf public prosecutor’s office on monday in response to a dpa inquiry. According to the statement, the man was taken into custody because of the risk of repetition, since he is said to have attacked a person with a knife and shouted "allahu akbar" ("god is great") in march.

The suspected perpetrator had been arrested in the night to sunday around 0.40 o’clock the autotur of a 23-year-old torn open. Then he stabbed him with a knife. Before or during the attack, the accused shouted "allahu akbar" according to investigators. According to police, the victim was seriously injured in the arm and had to undergo surgery.

The suspect was previously considered by the state security service to be an islamist riot and was upgraded to the category of danger after the attack. The public prosecutor’s office sees a possible connection between the crime and the local elections in north rhine-westphalia. The turkish father of the seriously injured 23-year-old was seen on an afd advertising motif, said the spokesman for the investigation agency, whose central office for the prosecution of terrorism took over the proceedings on monday.

Four men and the local afd chairman hans wolf could be seen on the afd stolberg motif on facebook. It was accompanied by the slogan "german turks also want change". According to the investigators, the father testified that he did not give consent for the election campaign. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the father is turkish. His son has german citizenship. The accused is german-iraqi.

Afd politician wolf confirmed to the german press agency that the party had meanwhile deleted the advertising motif from facebook. The photo was taken by chance during a walkabout in the district of muhle. Those involved had agreed to publication on the internet. He was shocked that the photo had allegedly led to an act of violence. The police in poland confirmed that officers visited the afd politician on sunday in order to give him "preventive counseling". Wolf himself said that the police had warned him to go alone in the dark in front of the tur. In case of emergency he should dial 110.

According to the "bild" newspaper, a threat against the men seen next to wolf in the photo was circulating on the internet even before the crime was committed. The four men were accused of supporting an anti-islamic party.

According to dpa information, the suspect had first come to the attention of state security as a youth in 2016, when he was involved in the controversial koran distribution campaign "read"!" Was there. On the internet the man uploaded a few months ago a photo with a little girl, on which both show the so-called "tauhid-finger". This is an islamic gesture that the terrorist organization IS had appropriated for itself. No further details of the march incident have been released at this time.

The 21-year-old had initially fled in stolberg on sunday evening and was then arrested by a mobile task force. A man who was in the car with him is now free again. He is only being held as a witness, investigators say.


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