Bambergers discover bamberg

Bambergers discover bamberg

Purposeful optimism currently determines the working life of birgit kroner. She is a travel agent in the TUI travel center in lange strabe. "At the moment the bookings are very thirsty, but it will start again – I hope!", she says on the phone. For weeks, the travel agencies in bamberg have excluded direct public transport because of the corona pandemic. There are only telephone inquiries. And these concern almost exclusively cancellations.

"In the last weeks there were only cancellations because of the worldwide travel warnings", sighs birgit kroner. These also affected booked trips in the upcoming whitsun holidays. After all, there have now been isolated requests for vacation apartments on the north sea or baltic sea, for example, or other domestic german destinations. And one wants to go to austria in july, another to the dominican republic in january 2021.

There is no sign of wanderlust in the travel agency schiele either. "We have some bookings of city trips within germany or of destinations in mecklenburg-vorpommern and at the north or baltic sea", lists travel agent peter gortler on the phone. Only when the travel warnings are lifted, he expects demand to increase. Usually travel within germany only accounts for ten percent of all bookings anyway.

Isolated inquiries

More "travel frustration as a travel attraction, therefore, the bambergers stop in their city. Which itself is cut off from the usual streams of tourists from all over the world. "There are isolated tourist inquiries from germany for the months starting in june and later for 2021", reports tourism director michael heger, who sees the rooms of tourism& congress service (TKS) in geyersworthstrabe since 20. May has opened again for visitors. "We start out as a signal for our partners", explains heger, who still sees a "critical thirst phase for tourism service providers" sees ahead. Tourism has so far secured 6000 full-time jobs in bamberg and brought in 330 million euros in gross sales in 2017, for example. Even if in the next few months tourists should come to bamberg again, the immense loss due to the lockdown in 2020 can no longer be made up for", female heger.

The tourism director is all the more pleased that the bavarian cabinet has been open to the public for 19 years. May again keep simple perspectives. From whitsun (30. May) is allowed, what was completely fallow: namely city and guest tours, river and lake navigation, cultural and nature tours and some more. The palaces such as the new residence on the cathedral square or seehof in memmelsdorf were allowed to open their doors as well as hotels, guesthouses and campgrounds for vacationers. Museums, exhibitions and the beer garden have already been open for a few days. All of course only with strict hygiene regulations.

Incentives for people staying at home

In the next few days, michael heger and his team will be meticulously working out what concrete tours and so on can be offered in bamberg during the vacations and vacations. Heger is already promoting the fact that those who stay at home can also rediscover the world’s cultural heritage and the beauty of the district. At the TKS, for example, there is a brand-new "city rally for adults" or an audioguide that invites you to tour bamberg at your own pace.

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