Barn in krautheim to be preserved

barn in krautheim to be preserved

The barn in the heart of krautheim will be preserved for the krautheimers. Volkach city council determined monday night that the volkach cellar below the barn, whose access was uncovered during the demolition of an apartment building, will not be filled in and the barn will be secured.

335,000 euros are being made available by the city council, and the krautheimers present were allowed to gossip to each other inwardly. Furthermore, the city council decided to spruce up the mortuary and the church square in krautheim. All of this is under the heading of "village renewal", which is quite well subsidized by the public authorities.

Plans presented

When the residential building at landstrabe 26 was demolished, those responsible were faced with a difficult decision: should the found access to the wolbe cellar under the barn actually be demolished and filled in?? To be on the safe side, the people in charge at the time did not make any hasty decisions, but secured the construction site. The house was demolished to make way for a village square. In the council meeting the architect peter machbert from the planning office roschert presented the planned measures of the village renewal.

The back wall of the barn is stabilized, a new roof construction is made. This, according to mayor peter kornell, is also the purpose of the "village renewal", namely the preservation of the village character and thus also the associated, sometimes very old buildings. Thus, it clearly rejected robert amling’s proposal to build a residential building instead of the barn. "It is a striking urban situation that should not be changed," summarized kornell. Moreover, it was far from certain whether a builder could simply accept the difference in height of four meters, i.E. A whole floor, between the main road (in front) and the rear side of the building and build a residential house there.

Expensive barn demolition?

The council also briefly debated the 180,000 euro demolition of the barn. SPD faction leader dieter sollner, who lives in krautheim, asked his colleagues to preserve the "origin of krautheim", especially since the majority of krautheim residents had also spoken out in favor of preserving the barn at the castle meeting.

The council followed the vote of the krautheimers at the burgers meeting (41:6) and voted 15:4 in favor of preserving the barn.

Renovation of the mortuary

With a vote of 19:0, the committee approved the mabnahmen on the municipal mortuary, which machbert presented to the council members. Basically, the facade of the mortuary is to be given a white color so that it visually blends in with the evangelical church. At the castle meeting on 6. June a wooden cladding was discussed, but rejected.

The parsonage was demolished, and parking lots were built in its place. They were also not, as -speaker herbert rommelt feared, blocked by "permanent parkers. According to one of the krautheimers present, "we will take care of that. The building with the toilet, which has more the character of a garage, will be demolished as well as a breast wall. A new toilet is being built in the basement of the mortuary, a part of the building is being partitioned off as a kind of entrance area, and there is a new entrance tower. The architect estimated the total cost at 102,000 euros, including the planning, and the council unanimously approved both this work and the application for a grant from the office for rural development.

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