Bbc coburg – erfurt: neighborly duel with rough significance

Bbc coburg - erfurt: neighborly duel with rough significance

The rumor cake had already been brewing intensively, now the main course can be officially served: with chase adams, one of the strongest build-up players of the proa in recent years comes to the itz. The 29-year-old us american has consistently delivered top results in germany’s second-highest division over the past three seasons, averaging 11.6 points, 3.9 assists and two ball winners in the 2017/2018 season in the white wings hanau jersey.

In addition, the 1.77 meter "coarse" scored the point guard made a strong 41 percent of his three-point attempts. "We are hoping that chase will provide impetus in the areas of game organization and leadership qualities. He can organize an offense, but also score himself when necessary", BBC coach ulf schabacker thinks highly of his newcomer.

Fur adams had to make way for penn

Whether adams will be able to help his new team on sunday (4 p.M., HUK arena) is still uncertain – the club was working feverishly on the necessary formalities right up to the last minute. In case of a call-up, jason penn had to watch against basketball lowen, because league rules only allow one non-EU player on the score sheet. "We’re aware that we’re giving up something in terms of rebounding and rough play. But we are confident that we will be able to cushion the blow", schabacker on the personnel rochade. Meanwhile, distance-throwing specialist daniel krause is sure to make his first home appearance in front of the coburg crowd after recovering from injury.

Dizdarevic meets taylor

The basketball lowen erfurt are a newly formed team that emerged from the former first division team oettinger rockets in the summer. The ex-manager of HSC 2000 coburg, wolfgang heyder, is a major shareholder in the new basketball project in erfurt. With david taylor, the basketball lowen have a player in their ranks who has several connections to BBC coburg aueist: on the one hand, the top scorer of the thuringians (15 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, but also almost 5 ball losses per game) acted in the preseason with said rockets still side by side with BBC newcomer dino dizdarevic, with whom he is also private friends.

Both guards are currently still fine-tuning their transition from first-league rotational players to probationary executives – their "private duel" could be one of the high points of the game. On the other hand, david is the son of derrick taylor, who was still the coach of the vestestadtern in the past round. In addition to taylor, the game of coach florian gut’s team is dominated by three experienced players, who still have a lot of room for improvement on the offensive end like the home team (35 percent field goal percentage for the lowen, 33 for the BBC).

Veteran under the hoops

U.S. Forward robert franklin has been working in germany since 2007 and, at the age of 37, can still do a double-double at any time, double digits in points and rebounds, deliver. Only the free-throw line is less to the liking of the brawny basket-worker: there he converts only every second attempt. Center tobias bode has a similar potential for improvement, but the 26-year-old brings long and rebounding qualities to the table.

The trio of veteran players is completed by point guard maximilian kuhle, who signed with the erfurt team after five years in the proa at the beginning of the season. The most striking youngster so far has been 18-year-old lucas wobst, who contributes an average of eleven points.

Establishing contact with 8th place

For both teams, sunday’s game is already a landmark game even at this early stage.

The BBC coburg wanted to approach with a victory again play-off place 8, the guests want to prevent for their part, early to let rub a little. So there will definitely be a lot of excitement on the menu on sunday at coffee time in the HUK-arena – and maybe chase adams as well.

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