Biden secures votes for us democrats candidacy

Biden secures votes for us democrats candidacy

Democrat joe biden says he has secured the votes needed for his party’s presidential nomination.

It is now safe to assume that he will be elected to the board of directors on 3 june. November will run for the democrats against republican donald trump, who is seeking a second term in office. Biden declared on saturday night that he had secured more than the 1991 delegate votes needed for the party’s nomination with the results of the recent primary elections.

As president, he will strive to unify the country after the polarizing years under trump, biden promised. The 77-year-old said he would fight for a strong economy and equal opportunities. Biden was most recently vice president under president barack obama. He was already considered the democrats’ nominee after his fellow candidates dropped out. Now he also has the necessary votes for the nomination – and could certainly gain additional votes in the remaining primaries.

On tuesday, the states of indiana, maryland, montana, new mexico, pennsylvania, rhode island and south dakota, as well as the u.S. Capital of washington, held primaries amid the corona pandemic and ongoing protests against racism and police violence in the country. Biden was able to prevail as expected everywhere. According to current planning, the next primary elections will be held on 9. June in georgia and west virginia on.

Biden last sharply criticized trump during the protests following the death of george floyd. Floyd, an african american, was killed in a brutal police raid in minneapolis on 25. May have been killed. Biden voiced his support for the protesters and pledged to work for police reform and against racism. "Long term concrete measures" are needed to put an end to the "systematic racism" in the u.S., biden demanded in a guest article in the los angeles times.

Biden pledged to establish a commission on police reform in his first 100 days in office as president. In addition, congress should act now to ban controversial police methods such as chokeholds in arrests. George floyd must not become just another hashtag, biden wrote on twitter. Instead of dividing the country and inciting "hatred" like trump, he will seek to heal the wounds of racism.

Trump again disparaged his challenger as "sleepy joe biden". The president accused biden and "radical left-wing democrats" of trying to cut off police funding. Trump added: "i want law and order!"

Biden criticizes trump not only for his handling of the protests, in which the president threatened to use the military. Biden also accuses trump of reacting too late in the corona pandemic, exacerbating the crisis.

Because of the corona pandemic, the U.S. Election campaign is completely upside down. Rallies have been canceled for weeks due to the spread of the virus. Many primaries have been postponed, including the democratic national convention, which has been moved from july to august. It is unclear if and when major campaign events can be held again. Many states have switched to brieahl prefixes altogether, or at least significantly expanded this option.


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