Burgebrach: no more chatter in the town center

Burgebrach: no more chatter in the town center

Residents complained that the paving was causing increased traffic noise, according to first mayor georg bogensperger (CSU). The cobblestones have loosened due to the load of the traffic, a renovation is very expensive.

This year, the bamberg state building authority will renew a section of the B 22 with a fluster surface. In this context, the state building authority has offered to asphalt the paved section – starting at the raiffeisenbank in farbergasse and ending at the sparkasse in hauptstrabe. Burgebrach market had to remove the paving stones and is allowed to keep them. The state building authority, as the building burden bearer of the state road, will take over the remaining costs. The market town council agreed.

The market town council was now able to approve the inclusion statute for unterharnsbach-ost. This will provide the basis for the construction of two residential buildings on plots of land in the east of unterharnsbach directly adjoining the existing development, but located in the flat land use plan in the area of the auben area. In the run-up to the project, various authorities and the citizens were involved.

No objections were raised in principle. The requirements of the kronach water management office to include the boundaries of the flooded area and to slightly relocate the building boundary were taken into account.

A cooperation agreement between the market town of burgebrach and the catholic church foundation st. Vitus on the operation of the public bookstore st. The market town council agreed to the vitus project.

Among other things, it was agreed in writing that the market burgebrach will take over the premises in the burgerhaus, as well as two-thirds of the maintenance costs, and will also provide an annual contribution for the expansion of the media stock. The church foundation makes an effort for the volunteers.


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