Car burglar under investigation

The police has caught a 53-year-old man as a suspected car burglar. He is also accused of two cases in the district of habberge. On the morning of 29. September two cars parked near cemeteries were broken into in wonfurt and zeil. The windows had been smashed and bags of money left behind by the drivers had been stolen. During subsequent cash withdrawals, the car drivers suffered additional damage of several thousand euros. The intensive investigations by the case officer of the habfurt police investigation team have now led to the identification of a suspected offender. It concerns a supra-locally acting 53-year-old man, who already "visits" many cemeteries in bavaria with this scam and enriched himself in this way. Because of earlier series of break-ins, a court hearing will take place at the end of october against the accused from fulda. It is to be expected that the recent offences in the local district, which are part of a series also outside the district, will also find their way into further judicial proceedings in the near future.

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