Car crashes into water in bamberger harbor

Car crashes into water in bamberger harbor

At first there had been hope, because the car of the man had not sunk immediately. "This gave the harbor workers the chance to secure the car floating in the water in an emergency", says heinz rommelt, group leader of the bamberger water police.

At around 1 p.M., the integrated control center in bamberg received an emergency call that a vehicle had driven into the harbor basin. A ship's crew and port employees reacted in a flash and were able to save the car from sinking completely using boat hooks and poles. However, the car driver could not free himself and had to stay in the icy water.

Car recovered by crane
The firefighters of the bamberger fire department, who arrived in the meantime, secured the almost completely sunk wagon with a rope. "A firefighter got into the water and tried to free the trapped motorist", declares city fire chief matthias mayano. However, due to the deformation of the vehicle, it was not possible to open the door under water.

Firefighters attached a rope to the rear axle of the car, which was upside down in the water. With the help of a harbor crane, which was manned at the time of the accident, the vehicle could then be lifted out of the water. Under resuscitation by an emergency doctor, the man was taken to a hospital by the rescue service. There, however, he died in the afternoon.

It is not yet clear why the man ran off the loading ramp and fell over the quay wall into the harbor basin. "It was the employee of a shipping company, who wanted to pick up the crew member of a shipping company, which is in the harbor", rommelt explains. At a "ship's convoy it is a matter of two ships that are coupled together.

Quay and curb overcome
The austrian shipping company employee from the district of wurzburg had apparently driven directly towards the basin in the port of bamberg and had also overtopped a quay on the water that was about ten meters wide.

In this paved area along the harbor basin run the rails for the train and the harbor crane. The quay is bordered by a curb about 15 centimeters high, which the shipping company employee had also driven over.


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