Children experience nature up close

Children experience nature up close

"Today is a day when i can sing" – a happy children's song could be heard on sunday afternoon on the festival meadow in unnersdorf. The children of the new group "waldmause" came together with their parents, relatives and many guests of honor to be present at the ceremonial blessing of the forest children's vehicle.
For the director of the BRK kindertagesstatte banzgau, andrea drexel, this was the fulfillment of a long-cherished wish. Just four weeks ago, she and her team received a forest wagon specially equipped for children: this was made possible primarily by the bavarian red cross, which is the sponsor of the daycare center, as well as generous donations from the spa hotel (4,000 euros), the company IBC solar, the arge tunnel lichtenfels and the parents' association of the daycare center (1,000 euros each).
This ensured the financing of the special acquisition, which cost around 45,000 euros. BRK district chairman jurgen zurbig praised the project: "here is the best research you can do for the children!" The deputy district administrator, helmut fischer, was pleased: "we in the district know how important families are for our development." He thanked andrea drexel's team for "encouraging the children's love of nature".

Group room in the forest

Nine children currently belong to the "waldmausen, two more will be added in the spring. In total up to 20 children can be cared for. Everything takes place outdoors: the morning circle, singing and playing together, of course also eating and building a campfire. The wood for this is provided free of charge by the forester; the children take a small amount every day from the forester's house and carry it to their wagon or to the tipi.
Bad staffelstein's second mayor hans josef stich wished the children lots of fun with the new concept: "here you can experience nature live, not just on the computer."
This theme was also taken up by the two clergymen, pastor sabine schmid-hagen and pastor hans-werner alt "our children have very special abilities and gifts, they open up without reservation", so the pastor. "I can only love and protect what I have recognized and know", the clergyman said.
"It's great how the children accept the new group room forest", said sebastian huth. He is the manager of the ducal bavarian forestry estate of banz. The children walk past his office every day on their way to the forest: "the children laugh, even when the weather is not so nice, the forester said and promised to plant a chestnut tree together with the children in spring.
The "forest mice" are being looked after by padagogue sabine simeoni and educator petra krannich.


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