Choir from kaya gets the church moving

choir from kaya gets the church moving

The guests from kaya had already set the historic gewolbekeller buzzing at the opening of the cultural days in the city museum. However, all this came to light on sunday evening in the church st. Otto again an increase. The choir "chorale saint augustin the cathedrale notre-dame in kaya, under the direction of nicolas nabyouere barogo, performed both sacred and secular songs in the local language moore and also in the official language french. The concert, which was dominated by african rhythms, not only brought unfamiliar sounds to the ears of german churchgoers, but they also experienced a church in motion.
The evening was moderated by herzogenaurach cultural award winner gerald fink and catholic clergyman jean desire sawadogo, who is from the twin city of herzogenaurach. For gerald fink, too, the chorus, which was in constant motion, was something unusual. "Maybe I should try that too", said choirmaster fink with a smile to choirmaster nicolas from kaya, because he didn’t stand still either.
At the end of the concert, the musicians from herzogenaurach also demonstrated a sense of rhythm, although not as gracefully and skilfully, but it was certainly a start. Among the enthusiastic visitors were also the pastors of the herzogenaurach churches – perhaps they were inspired a little by the joy of life of the africans.
You can imagine the "church in motion" in kaya lively introduction, finally singing in the choir over 50 women and men. A way of life in africa was described by jean desire sawadogo as follows: "the europeans have a watch on their wrist and no time, we don’t have a watch on our hand, but we have time."
The evening was opened by the church choir st. Otto, led by reinhold weber, and led with "gloria in excelsis deo" to the high point of the evening about. The choir from kaya surprised the visitors with a song in german. With the song "good evening ladies and gentlemen" the guests moved in and already had the hearts of the visitors on their side.


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