“Could bite me in the ass”: throwing the cocktail glass will now be really expensive

"Blodheit must be punished", on tuesday, a 30-year-old courier driver from the kronach district commented on his failure at the municipal court. His trial for dangerous bodily injury could have been concluded under more favorable conditions long ago.
Now it becomes really expensive. It all started more than two years ago in a local restaurant in the eastern part of the county. There, the courier driver allegedly assaulted a teenager shortly after midnight on 10. June threw a cocktail glass at the head. The prosecution found the accusation largely confirmed at the time and was prepared to suspend the proceedings in exchange for a work requirement and payment of money. 20 social hours the accused should serve, in addition 500 euro for the fact pay that its throw done in presumed intention with a juvenile damaged pain and a bruise caused. But the man did not pay. He would have liked to have left it at that with the completion of the social hours.
So the trial had to be reopened and brought to a conclusion, and at this point it was clear that if judge alexander zenefels came to a guilty verdict, there was an enormous chance that the price would increase.

Came whistling from the toilet

"I’ll pay as soon as I get the 500 euros", the 30-year-old still offered. "It’s not done (anymore) with that", he reaped as an answer. The main culprit in the incident was a 22-year-old man from the redwitz area, who was playing on the 10th day of the match. June was sitting with his buddies in the pub and noticed the accused whistling as he stepped from the toilet into the pub. "You’re a good whistler, the man had been shouted at and at first had also pretended to share this spab. Afterwards he was asked about his tattoo, which caused him to choke a young man sitting at the table, to put another man in a headlock and to order the glass to the 22-year-old’s head. It was not clear from the recollections of the witnesses that this had really been a sweeping vote. In any case, none of them showed any zeal for incrimination, and both the defendant and the twen, who had been harmed by him at the time, nodded to each other in a grimace. What was certain at the time, however, was that the perpetrator had drunk at least 2.3 alcohols per thousand.

A boss unable to pay

"I could so bite myself in the ass", the accused explained about his failure to pay the money in time. Two unpaid monthly salaries and a boss who was unable to pay were to blame for this. Although prosecutor daniel killinger, with reference to a previous witness statement, considered the glass throwing to be "intensified toasting", the statement is not necessarily a nullity with bruising as a consequence. After all this time, the memories of the witnesses did not show that a throw had really been made over a distance of several meters. What killinger also credited the defendant with is his bloody white vest: the federal central register does not keep an entry on the 22-year-old. Killinger demanded a fine of 2100 euros for the body-injuring action. Judge zenefels decided on 1750 euros, who in all this himself called it an "atypical case" spoke.

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