Depression as a motive

Everyone feels depressed or listless at one time or another. That’s no reason to worry yet. Only when depressive symptoms persist for at least two weeks could it be the onset of depression. But there are still widespread misconceptions and ignorance about this serious disease. "It is all the more important to me that we as a society make it clear again and again that depression and mental illnesses are not something abnormal, but something that happens right in the middle of our society, said state minister melanie huml (CSU) at the opening of the exhibition "lebensbilderreise" at the bamberg clinical center. "The more each of us is aware of the issue, the greater the chance that those affected will not withdraw, but will confide in someone and be motivated to seek professional help."

The traveling exhibition of the bavarian state ministry of health and care was brought to bamberg by the forderverein fides, which supports mentally ill people. "A bull’s eye the chairwoman annerose ackermann described the pictures created by four patients, which show how depression is experienced and how ways out of it can be found.

"Many people suffering from depression find it difficult to put into words what they feel deep inside", according to huml in the announcement of the clinic. With materials and colors, it is easier for many people to express how and what they feel. Art therapy is a valuable addition to the treatment of depression. The exhibition "life picture journey is still valid until 4:00 p.M. February to be seen at the clinic.

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