Disco comes into the living room

Disco comes into the living room

Times of crisis demand creativity. In times of disaster, people develop various ways to bring a little distraction into the dreary everyday life. Making music together across balconies, concerts and church services via livestream "you’ll never walk alone" simultaneously and europe-wide on the radio – the list is long. The operators of a disco from frohnlach are now also coming up with a special concept: "if people can’t come to the disco, we’ll bring the disco to their homes," emphasizes jannick’s father wolfowiak, explains jannick niermann.

Lady’s night at caroll’s

He runs the caroll’s. A ladies’ night was actually planned for saturday evening – or rather it still is. Niermann transmits the event via livestream from the discotheque directly into the guests’ living rooms. Three cameras were installed, two djs (DJ eckes and DJ marc pain) are booked. They will perform songs from different genres – the event will be broadcast from different perspectives. Jannik niermann weib: "if you saw the DJ for five hours, as he turns the knobs, it was quickly become boring." The special thing about his streaming idea is the possibility for interaction and the interplay of music, video, pictures and comments.

For this purpose, the trained media designer has developed the app "regiopic" developed. With the spectators can upload and rate selfies during the event in the stream. The most beautiful picture will be awarded a prize. "But it is very important to us to emphasize that our action is not a call for a corona party in the living room. We do this for the people who are sitting at home alone or in pairs and are bored", he emphasizes. Therefore, only pictures with a maximum of two people on it were accepted.

Song wishes are possible

Another special feature is the pitbox for the spectators. You can leave song wishes or send messages here – provided you have a certain level: "every comment is briefly checked by us to make sure it’s not nonsense", emphasizes jannick’s father wolfgang.

Whether the concept will be well received is not yet clear to him and his son: "we have absolutely no feeling for it. We just let ourselves be surprised." Both are optimistic, however, because the people currently had little to do on the weekend anyway, and the action is free of charge. "We see this as a service for our loyal guests. When you call yourself ‘family of music’, you have to deliver."

Accordingly, anyone who liked can go to the website of the discotheque, and there on saturday from 9 pm via a link to the stream. If the pilot project is well received, it will be continued in the future. The niermanns are not pursuing any commercial objectives with the campaign: "we simply want to maintain contact with our visitors", explains jannik.

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