Discussion about flood protection at the ratherieder muhlbach

Discussion about flood protection at the ratherieder muhlbach

On tuesday evening, the discussion in the kitzingen administration and building committee went round in circles for a long time: formally, the city administration wanted to approve the "eherieder muhlbach" development plan cancel. The plan is almost five decades old and outdated. However, there is a problem in the lower reaches of the stream along the talstrabe that has been smoldering and unsolved for years: residents there live with the danger that their properties and cellars will be flooded in the event of heavy precipitation. The last time this happened was in may 2016 .

Therefore, the issue has been virulent for a long time, but without a solution being found. A bypass built years ago near the railroad viaduct did not have the hoped-for effect. Therefore, city councilor jens pauluhn (odp) took up the thread again now, when the development plan offered the occasion. Pauluhn proposed to postpone the cancellation of the plan until the flood problem is solved. He reproached the city administration for not having worked out any solution proposals in the past three years. The residents had to continue to live in gross uncertainty.

Water management office warns of flooding

Pauluhn referred in this context to a technical statement of the water management office aschaffenburg. The authorities see "unfavorable climatic conditions" for the area between the eherieder muhlbach and the repperndorfer muhlbach a "risk of gross flooding". The water management office recommends that protective and precautionary measures be taken "in a timely manner" to plan and implement. This opinion was issued in may 2018.

Pauluhn also complained that the city administration had "zero" communication with residents have limited. For months this urgent topic is "completely left lying". Manuel muller (etc.) countered that the administration had spoken several times with the residents. But they didn’t want to sell land, which would be necessary to make the creek wider and deeper. His comment: "if you do not want to, you have to live with it." According to pauluhn, some residents are very willing to sell part of their land. "Nothing has been done for two years."

Astrid glos (SPD) explained that the stream channel was not sufficiently dimensioned from the point of view of those affected. During heavy rain, the cellars filled up. "Some are still paying from the last flood." In connection with a possible development plan cancellation, they were concerned that further construction could make the situation worse. As is known, the city wants to build its house for youth and family in the area.

Guntner sees no danger from plan withdrawal

Mayor stefan guntner (CSU), who chaired the meeting on behalf of the mayor, wanted to keep the issues separate. He assured: "from my point of view, the withdrawal of the development plan will neither improve nor worsen the situation for the residents." Head of the building department oliver graumann also explained what the administration’s plan was all about: repealing the 1970 plan, which no longer corresponded to the prevailing conditions and which made future development more difficult. There is no connection with the construction of the house for youth and family, graumann explained.

As a result, pauluhn’s motion to solve the flood problem first was narrowly rejected with a vote of 6:6. In the event of a tie vote, a proposal fails. The committee voted 7-5 to cancel the development plan. No one demanded that the flood protection for the residents of the creek be continued.

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