For dominance in the district of lichtenfels

For dominance in the district of lichtenfels

Will ts lichtenfels manage to get a leg up on the handballers of hg kunstadt in their fourth attempt?? The answer to this question will be given on sunday at 4 p.M., when HGK coach udo prediger's proteges will try to put coach hans borchert's lichtenfels squad in their place once again in the obermainhalle.
But one thing is clear: the kreisstadter have continuously developed from local derby to local derby and now hope with a further increase in performance to finally crack the kunstadter.

TSL can catch up
The current table situation alone makes it clear that the performance potential of both teams seems to be getting closer and closer. Nevertheless, the HG is currently the fifth (14:12 payer) against the seventh (12:14) from lichtenfels favorite on sunday. With an auswartserfolg were the manner of coach hans borchert but also in the table equal in points with the rival from kunstadt. Consequently, sunday is also about the psychologically so important "dominance" in handball county.

Lichenfelser lacks continuity
The lichtenfelsers proved that they are well prepared for such a challenge with a courageous second half against the league leaders from bad rodach a week ago. What the still quite young team around fabian fleischhauer lacks, however, is continuity in play. It was similar in the first leg, when the kunstadt team benefited mainly from TSL's mistakes and ultimately came to a well-deserved 20:16 away win. For the fourth derby win in a row to be successful on sunday, the HG must put away the terrible defeat from the previous week.

David jung back after suspension
The return of david jung, who has served his one-month suspension, will certainly help in this respect and will thus be able to give his team the all-important dynamism from the back again for the local derby. Nevertheless, it must not be forgotten that he certainly lacks match practice. Thus the HG wants to get again from a strong defense the game as soon as possible under control.

Heading for the derby with a clear head
"I hope that my team will not put itself under too much pressure at HG kunstadt", says TSL coach hans borchert and demands that his team keep a cool head in the derby. The lichtenfelser themselves know that they appeared in the past duels with the HG kunstadt in addition, with weidhausen too tense and inhibited and thereby each time on the loser graben came.

Borchert team has potential
Thereby the lichtenfelser have such an appearance actually not at all necessary. If you look back at the last game against the leaders rodach/grobwalbur, it is clear that the borchert team has the potential to upset a favorite. At HG kunstadt, they will once again be confronted with an offensive defensive variant that had presented them with major problems in the first duel. This should not be repeated. In training, borchert likes to practice several attacking moves that need to be implemented. The tslers should be aware that they are also capable of high performance in defense and could lay the foundation for a revenge here. Gu/mts


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