Game accidents happen all the time

On tuesday and wednesday, it was one after the other in the area of poppenhausen, hambach and ebenhausen. Police report one wild accident after another: shortly before 7 a.M. On tuesday, a woman was driving on bundesstrabe 19 in the direction of bad kissingen. At the height of kronungen a deer jumped against her car and then into the forest. Police estimate the damage at 3000 euros. At around 6 p.M., a wild boar crossed the road on federal highway 286 on the high road from maibach and was struck by a car in the process. It ran on, the car was damaged by about 1500 euros. Only half an hour later, a deer ran into the car of a female driver on the bundesstrabe 19 between poppenhausen and kronungen. The animal did not survive the violent collision. Fender bender: 3500 euros.
On wednesday morning, the race continued: around 6.30 o’clock a car driver on the local connection road from ebenhausen to pfersdorf collided with a field hare, which did not survive the accident. The repair of the damage will cost 1500, the police estimate. Half an hour later, a driver collided with a fawn on county road 10, coming from oberwerrn, in the direction of federal road 19. The animal was so badly injured that it had to be shot by an officer at the scene of the accident. The amount of the metal damage is about 3000 euro.

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