Hans koch from forchheim celebrates his 90th birthday.

Hans koch from forchheim celebrates his 90th birthday.

"I never thought I'd live to be 90 – no, I didn't think so, says a good-humored hans koch from forchheim on his round birthday. He has lived a healthy life, not one above his circumstances. Smoking was taboo, but a glass of wine or a beer was allowed, the jubilarian revealed.
An old-established city resident of forchheim is "hans", who is firmly rooted in his hometown, where he was born in 1928. There he spent a happy childhood and youth, went to the company weber and ott into the apprenticeship and worked with this 48 years until his retirement as a commercial employee. Even today, he still knows many people with whom he had to deal in life. "You always met people you knew when you were out and about" he paid. He still likes to think back to his fubballer days when he was a "sturmer was with germania.
In a lively conversation, the rusty senior recounted his life, remembering situations and dates as if it were yesterday. When he married his wife anni in 1951 and they built a house together in arnulfstrabe, when they became parents of the children margit, hans and roland. Three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren joined the party.
In 2011, he and his wife celebrated their "diamond wedding anniversary" celebrations. A bit of melancholy flashed in his eyes as he talked about the many happy years with his wife anni, with whom he passionately enjoyed hiking, vacations in european countries, but above all often and gladly went to the bavarian forest.
However, regular attendance at church services in st. Gallen was also important in his life. Anna. But the most important thing in his life was always his beloved family "we were always in harmony".
Today, hans koch lives well cared for in the BRK retirement home he moved into with his anni four years ago. She died three years ago. But life went on for him. Thanks to the care of his children, children-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the 90-year-old does not feel lonely. "They all give me a lot of joy – just like at my 90th birthday. Birthday. I have had a good life", said in the end an all around happy hans koch. Vice-county councilor edgar buttner and mayor franz streit also came to the celebration and congratulated with presentations for the county and the city. And of course the nursing staff around director karin amon love him dearly. 


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