Is public viewing banned from the maxplatz?

Is public viewing banned from the maxplatz?

On the internet the waves were running high: "the city councils in bamberg ensure that this city degenerates into an old people's home. Blob no event and blob no larm. In other cities, they ignore it when a few residents complain", rants dominic held on the facebook page of the french day bamberg.

At the same time the city council meeting ended on wednesday without any result. Neither does city marketing have to reduce its events, nor did it come to a decision on outsourcing public-viewing events. The CSU, which had called on the administration to think about how to reduce the "number of events around the maxplatz could reduce, pleaded even for a postponement of the discussion. "We are in the process of conducting a survey among business people. We also wanted to have a talk with city marketing", declared CSU faction leader helmut muller.

Despite the backdown, clear fronts emerged in the city council. Muller and the CSU, as well as the "freie wahler" and the "grunen", are pushing for some form of relief for the inner city around maxplatz, which is particularly busy with events. "Our demand is that the inner city must remain habitable", explained the CSU leader. From this it follows for him that one must be able to think about a shortening or relocation of events. Muller spoke of an "event-unculture" that many, which many burgers find objectionable and which must be reduced: "why do we actually have to hold a wine festival on maxplatz?? And why is "bamberg zaubert" degenerated into a mass event that has long since ceased to appeal to everyone? "

The city marketing protests
Two people in particular took a stand against this position: SPD faction leader wolfgang metzner and klaus stieringer, head of city marketing and also an SPD city councilor. Metzner recalled that events have already been canceled and live broadcasts reduced to protect residents. "We are stuck here in the dilemma that bamberg should remain a lively city center and that city center residents want to live quietly. We have to find a compromise here", argued metzner. In a press release published the following day, however, metzner spoke out much more clearly: helmut muller had insulted a quarter of a million festival visitors because he "conjured up bamberg" metzner let himself be disparaged in a sweeping way.

But the SPD is comparatively lonely with this opinion. The greens and the free voters are also committed to improving the quality of the events and reducing their quantity, including the noisy and other negative accompanying phenomena such as wild pissing and vandalism. Dieter weinsheimer of the "freie wahler" has his sights set on the public viewing events, the last of which took place during the european championships last year. "Our most important task is to maintain the habitability of the inner city", said weinsheimer. The identity of the citizens of bamberg cannot be reconciled with these unity events.

Klaus stieringer (SPD) also reacted angrily to the CSU motion. The city marketing only needs the maxplatz for a few days a year. It will not allow popular events to be degraded to larmevents. "Many cities make pilgrimages to bamberg to find out how we manage to put on such events without an entrance fee."

Public viewing as a thorn in the eye
How does it go on now? Mayor andreas stark promised to revisit the issue in the next city council meeting. What could happen if CSU, GAL and freie wahler then vote together, however, is already apparent today in a preliminary investigation by the administration. As regulatory officer ralf haupt said, it is mainly the public viewing events that are the focus of the authorities. They could be moved from the city center to drauben. Alternative locations under discussion include the fuchspark stadium, the stechert arena and the jahnwiese meadow.

This much can already be read from the comments that can be found on the internet on the subject of event culture in bamberg: such a shift is met with criticism by many people, especially young people. However, there is also approval of the new system. On the side of wrote "obstfan": even with reduced events, there are still enough days, on which the larmgestressten residents must cover their ears. And this unfortunately by day and by night."


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