Joy after release of german tourists in colombia

joy after release of german tourists in colombia

The manner, a 73 year old pensioner from hochst in the hessian odenwaldkreis and his 69 year old brother from bavaria were released on friday evening after more than four months in prison. The 73-year-old is physically unharmed, said the mayor of hochst horst bitsch on saturday to the dpa news agency. When he will return to germany is still unclear. Bitsch said that he expects this to happen in the course of the coming week. "But a very heavy burden has already fallen from the family now."

Rebels of the "national liberation army" (ELN) had handed over the manner to the international red cross (ICRC). The two tourists had traveled through latin america in a landing van. ELN rebels claim they mistook world travelers for spies.

"I am very relieved that the two germans are free again and in the safe custody of the german embassy," declared egyptian minister guido westerwelle on friday evening in berlin. "With this, also for their families, many weeks of fear and uncertainty have come to a good end. We hope that they will be able to return to their families in germany as soon as possible."


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