“Kopenickiade” of a rent bouncer before the lichtenfels district court

It is not often that a defendant is given a second chance. In a fraud trial at the district court, this was to take place on tuesday. During the trial, in which lawyer manfred glockner drew parallels to zuckmayer’s "captain of kopenick his client will have to pay 300 euros and do 30 hours of work.

About 1000 euro rent debt

The court was basically concerned with the question of whether the 33-year-old defendant had already known when he moved into his new apartment that he would not be able to pay for it. In may 2015, he signed a lease that was valid from the following month, but in september 2015, the landlords in lichtenfels still did not see any money. In total, they incurred damages of 1095 euros. What followed was an indictment and a trial.
The court agreed with the 33-year-old to discontinue the proceedings against him in exchange for a fine. But here too, payments failed to materialize, which is why a new hearing was scheduled under the chairmanship of judge stephan jager.

Degraded" by the employer

"I will testify. It’s better that way – maybe", the defendant stated at the beginning of the trial that he had to meet other payments because he was in debt. "I hope they had the intention to pay at that time", jager admonished him and heard the accused’s explanation: he had been "demoted" to less substantial tasks by his employer, so he did not earn enough to meet all his obligations anymore. The again consisted of a mountain of debt to be worked off in the amount of 8,000 euros, resulting from previous unsuccessful self-employment. In addition, his grandmother had died and he had to change his clothes for the funeral. The last sentence seemed unintentionally funny, but it might make clear how little financial leeway he had left.
"Did the landlady know how they are debt-wise?", inquired jager and received a no. However, according to the accused, the landlady did not ask for it either. Manfred glockner quoted the phrase "no apartment – no work, no work – no apartment" from carl zuckmayer’s stage play of the captain of kopenick and saw his client in a similar situation at that time. In addition, he suggested a renewed suspension of proceedings against a fine. Once again, jager asked the defendant if he thought he would be able to pay for his apartment in 2015. "This is a matter of obligation", so jager. Once again, the accused, currently unemployed, told him that he wanted to pay, but set a framework for possible installment payments. "I am willing to pay in any case, but I can’t get 200 euro a month on the chain."

New payment target

In consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, the 33-year-old was set a new payment target. He will have to pay 300 euros in six installments as well as 30 hours of work, if he wants the criminal proceedings to be finally discontinued again. This does not release him from his payment obligations, which continue to exist under civil law.

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