Lichtenfelser as joke-tellers on television

Lichtenfelser as joke-tellers on television

The man has a sense of humor and, above all, is not shy in front of an audience. Hilmar kraus talked on television the way he grew a beak, and the audience at munich’s nockherberg liked it. There was the second episode of the show "bavaria’s best jokes" with gerd rubenbauer recorded. When last week’s broadcast took place, kraus was on vacation. The retiree, formerly a federal police officer, enjoys driving around the country with his wife in a homemade sheep car, this time along the danube river. To his surprise, he was recognized by a farmer whose farm he was passing by, and whom he had actually only spoken to in a friendly manner about his strawberry cultivation, and was treated almost like a celebrity. The guy was totally blown away, says kraus, and immediately called his wife and said: "he was on television yesterday!" The 68-year-old really didn’t expect anything like this.

His participation came about on a whim, kraus recounts. Beer mood. He was approached by a member of the "stammtisch" group at the wichert restaurant, where they meet every week. "The bavarian radio station is looking for joke tellers. That was something for you!" And he, kraus, is home and has applied before he goes to bed. Without the invitation, he might not have noticed, because he doesn’t watch that much television, he says, preferring to spend time in his garden. The jokes had to be told beforehand and a video of them had to be sent in. In this way, the station was able to avoid duplicates and ensure that the short presentations were appropriate for the public service program. So the way of expression should not be too coarse, he said.

Star chef alexander herrmann was the host of the show. He is exactly as he appears on television, hilmar kraus can confirm. "That is a very nice! A really easy-going guy. It goes with the show. And of course a french!"

Excitement about the audience? Hilmar kraus is relaxed about it. "I am one who says, I am there, the fun is worth it. It’s all about nothing." One does not go there, in order to win something.

Although he had already won once with the witzeerzahlen something. That was a long time ago, in the early 1990s at "gaudimax" with gerd rubenbauer, in staffelstein, in the brutting-hall. At that time, he had come first and could look forward to a trip to spain.

In 2017 he was in the small comody in furth (the "home base") by waltraud and mariechen) with jokes. Also a spab, where it was more about being there. For example, the participants were offered a "krugla" for taking part in the competition, he thought. Instead there was a clothes hanger. Kraus can still laugh about it today: the clothes hanger, he says, was the real joke of the event…

Then, at the end of the following year, the recording of "bavaria’s best jokes". With the three competitors from his group he had contact only shortly before, with alfons "fonse", who was elected on first place he met again at the end. For kraus, the fact that he was voted into first place by the audience of around 130 people in the auditorium is completely acceptable. "Fonse" was the best, and this must be acknowledged without envy. To be third is okay for him. "I was down there, had a nice overnight stay in munich and ate all the decorations, the sandwiches." So the conclusion is: we didn’t win a prize, but it was still worth it. And: "who is already from wallenstadt amoll am nockherberg occurred!?"


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