Life’s borderline situations

The hospice association of lichtenfels already informed about the possibilities in borderline situations of life at several evening events last year. "Talking to people is the idea behind the "hospice talk" series in the district of lichtenfels. This year, the program has already been continued in bad staffelstein and burgkunstadt and is now heading for michelau.

Often surprised by serious illness, or having reached the limits of their own ability to cope with many years of intensive care for a loved one, people sometimes need extra support. In times when dying, parting and mourning have a significant impact on everyday life and those affected are suddenly reminded of the finite nature of life, the voluntary hospice service can be a valuable point of contact.

"My father suffered a severe stroke. Now I’m supposed to decide whether he should get a feeding tube", "we don’t know if we will be able to fulfill our mother-in-law’s wish to die at home", "my mother is overwhelmed with the care of my father, i live 400 kilometers away", "my husband died six months ago, and my friends say i should stop being sad now. I am but. Am I normal?", "does hospice work cost anything? Do i have to be a member??", "how can i take precautions for myself in case of an emergency??", "what are the differences between palliative care and hospice??", "how does the support provided by a volunteer hospice worker work??" – these and many similar questions are repeatedly put to the outpatient hospice and palliative counseling service. Volunteers and full-time staff from the lichtenfels hospice association are on hand to discuss these issues. The new date of the series "hospice talk in the district of lichtenfels" 2019 will take place on thursday, 10. October, in michelau instead of. The association wanted to give space to the questions of the people from the municipality of michelau and invited all interested parties to the town hall, rathausstrabe 1, at 7 p.M.

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