Man injures police officer

A 36-year-old resisted police officers on friday evening after a traffic accident while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, injuring and insulting them in the process. He also attempted to take the service pistol of a police officer. The arrest warrant issued against the defendant the next day at the request of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office was executed subject to conditions.

On friday shortly after 17.15 o’clock the 38-year-old accused in podeldorf while parking his jeep against a passing car. The man, who was obviously under the influence of alcohol, showed no understanding towards the police officers called by other people involved in the accident, shouted and did not comply with the police officers’ requests, the police prasidium of upper franconia and the public prosecutor’s office in bamberg report in a joint press release. Since the accused did not agree to a breath test and the required blood sample and did not want to calm down, the officers finally had to bring him to the ground to put handcuffs on him. In the process, the man put up considerable resistance, punching and kicking around and trying, ultimately unsuccessfully, to rub a police officer’s service pistol out of its holster. Two police officers suffered injuries to their abdomens and hands, respectively. Furthermore, the 38-year-old repeatedly insulted the emergency workers.

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