Meeting place for the prosselsheimers

Meeting place for the prosselsheimers

After 23 years, it was time again: the municipality of prosselsheim had the historic town hall partially renovated after damage to the building had become visible. The decay was most evident in the staircase, the rough hall on the second floor, the basement rooms and the forecourt. After two years of renovation and reconstruction, the municipality recently opened the historic town hall with its staircase, the town hall forecourt and a processional station to the public.

"With the renovated town hall, we have a venue for our many events again."

Norbert eberth mayor

In order to repair the damage and preserve the valuable building for the future, the city council decided in 2009 to partially renovate it as proposed by architect dieter buzzi. As the first tree inspection, the entire building was painted by auben at the beginning of 2010, defective cornice parts were restored or renewed, the tile roof was partially repaired and reroofed, existing water drains were repaired or improved. On the second floor, the dilapidated parquet flooring in the rough hall was completely renewed and the wine cellar from 1599 was partially renovated.

The forecourt in front of the amtskeller was redesigned and newly laid out. The office for the preservation of historical monuments in wurzburg wrote a letter on 16. March 2009 with the reference that with the new construction of the staircase this should consist of domestic building materials (shell limestone) under use of a lime-sand-mortel mixture and the formation of the balustrade construction in regular layer masonry should take place. In addition, the staircase, which can be walked on from both sides, is to be renewed. This advice was accepted by the municipal council, which also approved the construction of the building. The renovation of the historic town hall and its pit cost the municipality 340,000 euros. The entire project was subsidized by the office for regional development with 55 percent.

Mayor norbert eberth was pleased at the dedication ceremony. "With the renovated town hall we have again a place for our various events".

Robert stumpf from the office for rural development said that the authority pays attention to the use and preservation of valuable building structures that belong to the rural life when granting subsidies.


Excerpts from the chronicle of christine demel: according to a resolution of the prince bishop, the "ruinous and dilapidated winery" in prosselsheim was to be built "only for necessity and not a palace". The work was entrusted to balthasar neumann. On the 28th. April 1753 he handed over the plans and the cost estimate of what the construction would cost.

After his death on 19. August 1753 the "landgebau" was built according to the plans of master mason gottfried gunther and johann michael zongerlein in 1754/56 over the old wine cellar from 1599. The building went to the state after the secularization of 1803. 1804 burgermeister johann blab bought the house. The university of wurzburg was the owner from 1858 to 1873. The royal building officer langfub recommended afterwards to establish a school with two teacher’s apartments.

After the school children moved out, the house was restored under mayor helmut eichelbronner from 1982 to 1986. State parliament member christian will campaigned for the preservation of the building.


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