Milk filling station: a place to go, not only for milk

Milk filling station: a place to go, not only for milk

"We are always tinkering around a bit", says martina kundmuller. She and her husband rudolf have opened a "milchhausla" in marzein opened on their farm near eschenbach. This makes them the third farmers in the county to have taken such a path into direct marketing. According to press spokeswoman monika gohr, there is also a milk filling station in gadheim at the schuler farm and in ueschersdorf at the schafer family farm.

In the "milchhausla" there’s more to kundmullers than its name suggests: "we have eggs, cheese and pickled cheese cubes from our milk in our vending machines, sausage cans and grilled meat on weekends", says martina and adds laughing: "and of course our milk."

In addition to the three vending machines, they have also set up a box in front of the house. "In it are potatoes and cucumbers from our farm. You can just get them out", explains your man. Payment is made on a trust basis – by inserting a coin into the inside of the bottle. And how is the offer perceived?

Fluctuating demand

"Most of the people who come here think it’s great.", says rudolf kundmuller. They mainly have a regular clientele. But especially now, with the heat and the vacation season, demand is lower than in the beginning. "We hope that more people will come again." On some days there were fewer customers, on others an extremely large number. "It’s a total sway", says the farmer.

Milk – freshly tapped – infranken

The best seller: raw milk. "Between eight and 52 liters are tapped per day," says martina, says his wife. The farmers are not surprised. "Many have also asked for fresh milk before", tells rudolf. Their customers appreciate the taste of fresh milk: "it’s very different from treated milk", martina declares.

By the way, it is not true that raw milk is harmful. "We have written on the vending machine that the milk must be boiled. But that really only affects vulnerable target groups, like seniors, children or pregnant women", she explains. Healthy adults, who otherwise have no problem with milk consumption, should be able to drink the raw milk without hesitation. As long as the animals are healthy and the hygiene regulations are observed, that is the case," he says. Despite the persistent heat, implementing this is not a problem: "it doesn’t depend on the season, our vending machines are cooled," says rudolf kundmuller. The transport route of the milk from the milk tank to the vending machine is also minimal, so there should not be any problems."

Problems arise most frequently with time management. "We may want to offer zieberleskase, but these are things that need pre-planning and we can’t do that. We still have our operations", she tells. Because behind the "milchhausla" there’s a lot of work involved: "you have to get the ordering process right and you have a documentation obligation, the time involved should not be underestimated."

Contact with the countryside

Nevertheless, the kundmullers are glad about the acquisition. "We see this as a place to go if you’re out of sausage on a sunday or need something quickly, you can get it here." And that around the clock. In addition, the farmers are interested in strengthening the link to the region: "we want to offer food that has been produced by hand in the region."

For them, the milk filling station is more than just a point of contact for regional products, but an opportunity to come into contact with rural life: "it’s important to us that people don’t drive past the farm, but find a connection to it." So they hope that some people will find their way to their farm "and will be happy to bring questions about it". Above all, the children are interested in the work process. "They want to see the animals or watch them being milked", says rudolf kundmuller. "Nowadays, many people don’t even know how to do it."

Therefore, they are sure to continue to operate the house in the future. "We hope that things will get better. At the moment we do only "word of mouth, he says. When the aube area has been planted with herbs and roses, pictures have to be taken and printed on flyers. "Due to the drought, we have not been able to plant anything." They will try again in the fall.

Also for the signposting there is still need for consultation. "It’s all a process that you accompany over the years", says his wife martina. "We first have to find our way in", he confirms. But both are confident that they will succeed.

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