Money back for flight and train delays: now comes the automatic compensation of travelers?

money back for flight and train delays: now comes the automatic compensation of travelers?

The demands for automatic compensation of travelers in case of train delays or flight cancellations are getting louder. "We think automatic contract refunds make sense," said the legal policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, johannes fechner, to the "handelsblatt" newspaper.

"It was possible to start with simple cases, such as when tickets were booked online and the provider already had all the data required for compensation."

Coalition agreement provided for release

Germany’s chief consumer protection officer klaus muller also sees need for action. "The federal government must work to ensure that airlines provide consumer-friendly, prompt and online-based compensation," the head of the federal association of consumer advice centers (vzbv) told the newspaper. Automated ticketing must function continuously. Federal consumer affairs minister christine lambrecht (SPD) must – as announced in the coalition agreement – introduce automated compensation in the form of smart contracts.

In the 2018 coalition agreement, the CDU, CSU and SPD agreed to make it easier for consumers "to enforce their rights through digitalization, especially in the case of smart contracts": "we will therefore demand the development of automatic contract cancellation and make it legally secure."

According to the "handelsblatt," the conference of justice ministers of the federal states will discuss a proposal from hamburg at the end of november to make an automated decertification procedure compulsory. "Travelers feel cheated when they have to run after their compensation after a flight cancellation or a train delay," said hamburg’s justice senator anna gallina (grune). The union parliamentary group is reported to be supporting the push. "Especially in air travel, one could gain the impression in recent months that reimbursements were deliberately and systematically delayed, although the claims of the travelers were obviously justified," the legal policy spokesman of the parliamentary group, jan-marco luczak, told the newspaper.


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