Muna industrial park: why a key question is also important

muna industrial park: why a key question is also important

On wednesday, the city council was still arguing about halving the size of the industrial park to 23 hectares, by which time many bambergers had long since made their decision. The first voters are said to have already picked up the ballot papers at the infothek on tuesday, made their crosses and dropped off the envelope on the spot.

An official figure also seems to confirm that the first referendum in many years has triggered an onslaught on the town hall. "By friday noon, 2500 people had already requested their brieahlunterlagen", said spokeswoman ulrike siebenhaar. On the third day after the mailing of the voting notifications, this was remarkable.

Especially the citizens’ initiative "for the main moorland forest (BI) feels vindicated by the runback. This is an indication that the issue of the muna business park is very important to the people of bamberg, says stefan kurz.

The high turnout increases the probability that the quorum will be reached. In order to be adopted, each of the two referendums must receive a minimum approval of around 8800 yes votes. This is not a matter of course, given the low voter turnout that is common in referendums.

What do the people of bamberg vote on?? The two competing questions can be answered with yes or no in each case. A key question must be answered in order to obtain a clear result even in the event that both questions are answered yes by a majority in a way that cannot be reconciled with each other.

The citizens’ petition "for the main moorland forest (referendum 2) calls for a complete halt to all planning for development plan 429 d. If this proposal receives a sufficient majority of votes, then the business plans for the former munitions plant "muna" are put on hold for at least a year. The planned commercial park of 46 hectares is therefore off the table, as is the clearing of the ban forest necessary for it, but also the intended release of parts of the muna as a local recreation area or the designation of a nature conservation area at the schiebplatz. The goals of the BI are the preservation of the main moorland forest on the muna, including its importance for the microclimate and the quality of life in bamberg, as well as the biodiversity of nature. Should BI prevail, zero lottery need not be mandatory, says stefan kurz. He still sees the chance "to achieve a good result with the responsible persons for bamberg".

Beimburger decision 1 (council petition) "preserve hauptsmoorwald and shape muna" this is the competing request that the city council has decided on and with which the majority of the body wants to make the business park possible after all. Contrary to the efforts of OB starke (SPD), the council petition was not modified this wednesday. Starke wanted to halve the commercial area. Now the council decision provides for the creation of a "green business park" on a surface of 46 hectares, which corresponds to about 60 football fields. The proposal from the city council is linked to the promise of a release of parts of the muna as a recreation area and a nature reserve on the former sliding field land. The business park is of existential importance for the financial performance of the city, say its supporters. Bamberg needs the land in order to be able to offer commercial enterprises the development space they need.

At the city council meeting on wednesday, the members of the CSU, bamberger allianz, burger-block, bamberg’s independent burgers and the FDP once again campaigned for the council petition in its existing version. The bottom line is that it is a justifiable intervention. With a total area of the muna of 145 hectares, 46 hectares would be one third unconverted to a business park. Around 100 hectares have been made accessible as greenfield sites.

Bamberg’s mayor spoke out in favor of halving the plant, but also described the BI’s compromise proposal presented on monday as "no longer economically viable", because with only ten more hectares, the costs outweigh the benefits. BI spokesman martin bucker disagreed and defended this offer: it is a real compromise and with a size of 14 hectares it is still a "decent commercial area".

Both sides, city and BI hauptsmoorwald, want to advertise in the next three weeks for their view of things with rough auand. The "battle for the munawald" will u.A.With election posters, information events, a tour on the muna, as well as with poster and film advertising led. According to the city, because of the competing proposals, the requirement of parity in the municipal code no longer applies to the public. The city may thus inform about its own council petition.

Who will win the race? Despite the unequal starting positions, it is difficult to name a favorite at present. In political circles, too, people do not seem to be particularly sure about the matter. CSU leader helmut muller, for example, fears that the city of bamberg will vote on 18. November with its council proposal "falls on the nose", because the trend is against them. He is currently receiving rather negative feedback from his personal environment.


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