New plant is a round thing

New plant is a round thing

The children of zeil can look forward to a brand-new playground with special attractions. In the street "am hochgericht the previous playground area was redesigned in community work. Among other things, a ropeway, a trampoline and a merry-go-round are now ready and waiting to ensure that no one gets bored.

At the official opening, mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) thanked numerous sponsors who supported the project. In addition to a number of companies, it was private individuals in particular who made donations, so that a total of 5500 euros was collected. There is also a donation tree on the playground, on which every supporter has been immortalized.

With a sum of 9000 euro for the material costs the city of zeil had to raise only 3500 euro. The work was carried out by the city’s grounds crew together with employees of the building yard, for which stadelmann expressed his special thanks. The head of the city also paid tribute to the resident denise rausch, who, together with several other volunteers, diligently sewed mouth-nose covers at the beginning of the corona period and donated the entire proceeds for the new playground. Denise rausch and her husband marco are also the honorary playground sponsors. Here the family wants to look regularly after the right and possibly necessary repair work to the building yard forward.

City gardener philip kramer planned the design of the land with residents. The design of the new playground was based on a low-maintenance area and did not include a sandbox or playground equipment with adequate fall protection. If you are still looking for something like this, you will find it at one of the other twelve playgrounds in zeil and the other parts of town. "We don’t want to put the same playground equipment everywhere, that’s boring for the children", mayor stadelmann announced. The climbing tower and the swing, which used to be "at the high court the children’s playgrounds are now being used for other activities.


Despite all the joy, mayor stadelmann also had to address something annoying. According to his statement, the local peace on the playground has already been disturbed twice by people who organized an alcohol binge in the evening with a lot of noise and garbage left behind. "We will rigorously bring every case to the report, of course, even in the case of vandalism", said thomas stadelmann, who hopes that something like this will not happen in the future.


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