Open-air swimming pool mainleus: prohibition sign is simply ignored

open-air swimming pool mainleus: prohibition sign is simply ignored

Is it convenience, the power of habit or is it due to the already shady places? Never mind. Again and again, cars are parked on the closed-off area in front of the mainleuser outdoor swimming pool. There, where one was allowed to park in former times.

But that is over since the new construction of the heinersreuther strabe. Because in the course of the work, the area in front of the open-air swimming pool was also redesigned and is now only reserved for cyclists and pedestrians. Even red and white striped barrier beacons and a prohibition sign now indicate that neither cars nor motorcycles are allowed to drive there.

Just pass it

But many are not interested. Even during the photo session we can observe: a woman driving a small white car with a six year old boy in the back ignores the no entry sign, drives around the beacon and looks for a place for the car under the trees. Only employees of the open-air swimming pool are allowed to pass through here. To those it does not pay however.

The lady certainly did not act out of a lack of parking space: only a few meters away on the opposite side of the street, there are plenty of parking spaces available on the official parking lot, despite the high summer temperatures.

"Obviously there is still habit there", says mayor robert bosch. But he notes: "the signage offers enough clues on how to behave properly." He points out that the measures were taken to increase safety for the guests of the open-air swimming pool. In addition to the designation of the traffic-calmed area, a traffic light has even been installed to ensure problem-free crossing from the parking lot to the baths.

In order to prevent parking in the area that is actually closed off, boulders are to be placed there in the next few weeks. In addition, the installation of a barrier is planned. "We assume on the part of the municipality that this will then be settled", according to bosch.

Anyone who enters the traffic-calmed area in front of the open-air swimming pool in spite of the prohibition signs must expect to receive a ticket. A 20-euro warning will be issued for this, explains traffic officer klaus-peter lang of the kulmbach police department.

He points out that the traffic routing in front of the mainleus open-air swimming pool was deliberately designed to increase safety for guests and to ensure that all visitors enter the swimming pool unharmed.

He does not rule out the possibility of future controls there: "we’ll take a look at that before it becomes a bad habit."


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