People should give a rewarding hand

People should give a rewarding hand

The "parable of the banquet hoarding the sunday services in the catholic churches, and the parish of kirchlauter had invited the children on this occasion, as it does every year, to a children’s bible day on this theme. The children looked deeply into society and, together with the adults, shaped the service around the questions: "do we still hear the invitation, and are we ready to come??"

30 boys and girls participated. Elisabeth schenk, countess of stauffenberg, and her team led the bible day.

In the bible text, jesus had spoken of a rude lord and king who had invited to a rude feast. But one by one they had something to do and excused themselves. One had bought a field, another was looking at ox teams, and a third had just gotten married.

Then the lord became angry and ordered a servant: "go quickly to the streets and alleys of the city and fetch the poor, the crouped, the blind and the lame. Then go to the country roads, where the tramps meet, so that my house is full. Of the guests invited first, no one comes to my table."

The boys and girls had prepared everything for this very scene, choosing clothes for their roles and making masks. Playfully they worked out the story to present it to the church congregation.

Wonderful guidebook

Deacon joachim stapf elaborated on the story in his interpretation of the word. "You have already played the gospel with the invitation to a rough feast in this way. Jesus also invites us again and again to celebrate with him, and it is up to us to do so with him." But jesus is a wonderful advisor and only requires an answer in prayer or in conversation with him.

"Lent is actually the right time to reflect on this invitation, and the possibility of "conversion, the deacon explained. Let it be the time of reflection and conversion from abundance to necessity, from wanting to be satisfied and from hypocrisy to sincerity, which would be good for society, and from the I to the you and the look to the other.

But god wants to say more to this society. "Participation was really good for our community, our society and our country. Reconciling hands and getting along better with each other and peace in the world was something wonderful. But there is discord in the world, he regretted.


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