People with disabilities: only one in nine hotels is suitable for them

People with disabilities: only one in nine hotels is suitable for them

This is the result of a response from the federal government to a question from the left in the bundestag, which was made available to the deutsche presse agentur. According to the survey, 11.2 percent of the approximately 20.500 hotels at least geared to guests with a disability. The data comes from the german hotel association (IHA). According to the study, about one in four (27.7 percent) of all star hotels is barrier-free.

However, the information is mainly based on self-reporting by the establishments. The chairman of the berlin association for the handicapped, dominik peter, assumes that there will be significantly fewer suitable hotels. He also complains that there is little reliable information on the internet about the accessibility of hotels.

At the same time, more and more people need such hotels. 7.8 million citizens of germany have a severely disabled person’s card, about one in ten in germany. The numbers are rising because there are more and more elderly people.

The left-wing social expert sabine zimmermann, who had asked the question, called on the government to demand barrier-free tourism more strongly. "Accessibility must become the standard in society as a whole as well as in tourism."

The german hotel and restaurant association (DEHOGA) is also calling for help from the state: "it is a public task to support the considerable investments that are required for this, especially in existing buildings."


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