Pfizer: corona vaccine to be launched initially in western countries

Pfizer: corona vaccine to be launched initially in western countries

In the race for a corona vaccine, western countries were allowed to be served first, according to the pharmaceutical company pfizer. This is due to the necessary technology, said pfizer CEO albert bourla at a press conference of the umbrella association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (IFPMA).

"Today’s technologies require storage (of vaccine) at minus eight degrees."In africa, for example, the infrastructure would probably be lacking. "I’m sure we’ll get to the western countries first with this vaccine," bourla said. "But in a second wave, we’re working to make sure we can develop and manufacture products that don’t need such extreme temperatures."Pfizer has not yet signed any contracts with any government for the supply of vaccine, he stressed.

So far there is no vaccine against the novel coronavirus. According to the WHO, there are about 125 vaccine candidates, of which about a dozen are currently being tested in clinical trials. The company astrazeneca hopes to be able to bring its product to market at the end of the year, said company CEO pascal soriot.

According to estimates, up to 15 billion doses of corona vaccine are needed to supply the entire world, said IFPMA director general thomas cueni. This poses unprecedented challenges for the industry. That is three times the number of vaccine doses produced in a year, apart from flu vaccines.

The pharmaceutical companies wanted to offer vaccines to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the event of success initially without profit. The commitment will remain in place as long as the world health organization’s (WHO) 30. January’s declared "emergency of international proportions" applies, said paul stoffels, head of research at healthcare group johnson& johnson. The price of a vaccine dose is expected to be only a few dollars, said astrazeneca CEO soriot.


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