Proceedings initiated again

To spread the "coronavirus" to slow down, controls to ensure compliance with the "bayerischsen infektionsschutzmabnahmenverordnung" (bavarian infection control ordinance) still high priority, informs the police prasidium unterfranken.

In all regions of lower franconia, the police again carried out checks during the course of saturday to ensure compliance with the legal regulations. The police intervention was always carried out with caution, but in some cases proceedings had to be initiated against individuals, according to the press report. There were around 20 cases in the mainfranken area, around 30 cases in the main-rhon area and around 20 cases in the bavarian untermain area. At the 2. May taking place meetings it came to no special occurrences. The participants complied with the applicable regulations from the point of view of both assembly law and infection control law. Depending on the type of violation of the infection protection act or the bavarian infection protection removal ordinance, the police initiate fines or investigation proceedings against the offenders.

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