Record for vettel not so important: “would have been”

Record for vettel not so important: 'would have been'

Another record would be great, but for sebastian vettel this perspective is not extra motivation and not that important.

"It was, but that’s not why i get in the car," the four-time formula 1 world champion assured the crowd at the circuit of the americas paddock in austin on thursday. Vettel can set the next best mark with eight wins in a row this season at the u.S. Grand prix on sunday. Youngest race winner, champion and multiple world champion he is already.

Currently, the red-bull driver from heppenheim and seven-time champion michael schumacher (kerpen) share the lead in this statistic with seven consecutive victories each. "This morning i thought it was crazy to win so many times in a row," vettel confessed. "That’s incredible." Last time it went perfectly, but that is not a guarantee for this race.

Vettel missed out on success at the premiere in texas last year by 0.675 seconds behind then mclaren rival lewis hamilton. "I hope it works out this time," he said. Since the world cup has been decided, he can relax about the race. Vettel made the title triumph already perfect in india. In 2012, after the u.S. Race, he had only a 13-point lead over ferrari rival fernando alonso before the season finale in sao paulo. This year, vettel (347) already leads by 130 points before the penultimate race, ahead of the spanish overall runner-up (217).

Regardless of his comfortable situation, vettel enjoys the trip to the u.S. "This is a breathtaking country," enthused the 26-year-old hessian. "It has a lot to offer."In texas alone, germany probably has three places, he speculated. "It takes months to travel the country," vettel said. Unfortunately he has no time for it at the moment.

The superstar, who is usually surrounded by fans, enjoys being able to move around the U.S. Largely unrecognized and unmolested. "This is also quite pleasant," he said. In formula 1-impressed austin, however, vettel is also in the spotlight. The amis love "seb" – and he likes them, too. "The people are very friendly. I love running and the vibe in the city," he enthused. There’s only one thing vettel doesn’t like about his second stay at austin. "Unfortunately it’s pretty cold," he complained. Only 16 degrees are unusual for this region in november. But on the race weekend the temperatures are expected to rise above 25 degrees.


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