Retirees from volkach learn about the red cross

retirees from volkach learn about the red cross

The bavarian red cross is associated with the ambulances that rush along the roads with blue lights and martins' horns. The ruhestandler volkach wanted to know more and invited harald erhard, the managing director of the BRK-kreisverband kitzingen, to their monthly meeting.

They learned from him that the BRK, as a non-profit organization, not only provides rescue services, but is also economically active and operates old people's homes, social stations and technical schools, offers meals on wheels and home emergency calls. In the district association kitzingen are 125 full-time 1500 volunteer forces to the side, of which in the rescue service 50 professionals, 50 volunteers and 50 volunteers, it says in a press release.

Four ambulances are available at the kitzingen, volkach and wiesentheid sites, which travel 455,000 kilometers a year to provide care for 10,000 people, half of whom are treated as emergencies and half as ambulances. The well-founded training of rescue assistants and, more recently, emergency paramedics, in addition to the advancing technical equipment of ambulances, ensures optimal care for patients, it continues.


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