Riots after dfb cup semifinal: eintracht and schalke fans brawl

Riots after dfb cup semifinal: eintracht and schalke fans brawl

Punches, kicks, mannerisms, tumbling down the rows of seats and stairs: the pictures after the DFB cup semifinal between schalke 04 and eintracht frankfurt (0:1) show wild attacks in the arena in gelsenkirchen, which some television viewers also witnessed. TV pictures showed the scenes. After the end of the game there were massive riots between violent supporters of both clubs, the police said. They started in the stadium, then moved outdoors and were later also played on the parking lot.

Fans and police injured

A glass bottle hit a frankfurt player in the face. An unknown person threw her against his head from a moving car. The victim was taken to hospital with cut injuries. Eight spectators of the game were injured according to police reports, plus seven police officers.

According to the police, a total of 20 criminal complaints are the "result of this day of action, which was overshadowed by violent confrontations in the post-game phase." Against the causers of the confrontations, the police initiated preliminary proceedings for breach of the peace.
Yet the day had started relatively peacefully: the journey to the game was largely trouble-free, as the police explained. During the game, however, pyrotechnics were set off in both the north curve and the guest block.

Controversial decision as a lottery ticket?

A controversial decision shortly before the end of the game caused particular frustration among the schalke fans: the supposed equalizer by schalke’s franco di santo in injury time was disallowed because of handball – a controversial decision from the point of view of the schalke fans.

Immediately after the end of the game, the rioting started on the tribune and in a few blocks. When the stadium was empty, the violent fans continued to riot outside the stadium. Police used pepper spray against her. Police temporarily detained about 80 schalke players near the stadium for identification purposes. Later they were able to go home.

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