Sankt oswald in baunach: homogeneous community in a heterogeneous area

Sankt oswald in baunach: homogeneous community in a heterogeneous area

The verdict of our tester:

The dean in baunach must feel a bit like a little bishop: the diocese is not only redesigning the parish church and its surroundings with enormous effort, it is also staffing the parish community of st. John the baptist. Christophorus in baunach, itz and lautergrund also out with a large contingent of personnel. Other parish communities in the region can only dream of having a pastor and ten full-time employees. This privileging of the original parish obviously has an impact on the parish's sense of self-worth. Although young people here also shy away from going to church on sundays, they still seem to be deeply attached to the catholic faith. The devotion at church proves it, as does the perseverance during the chat after mass.

The evaluations in detail:

1. Enter

The indian chaplain holds, as at many services in the parish community of saint christophorus in baunach-, itz- and lautergrund, the mass. Father david, as the faithful call him, solemnly enters the house of god with the altar servers.It takes a few sentences before the listener gets used to the melody of the salesian, then you understand his clear words very well. Already at the funeral, he mentions the core idea of the service: the appeal to goodness and humility in following god.

2. Music

The good acoustics of the house of worship, in which a makeshift organ fills the room, are a surprise as soon as the congregation enters. A new organ is to be installed above the main entrance this fall to complete the extensive renovation and remodeling of the church. The organist accompanies the predominantly well-known hymns, which are eagerly sung by the congregation, in an unadorned manner and at a good singing tempo.

3. Readings

In an audible voice, a member of the congregation takes both readings (from the book of jesus sirach in the old testament and, as a reading from the new testament, a passage from the letter of the apostle paulus to the hebrews). The congregation leads with devoutly sung "hallelujah" from the celestial messages to the gospel through.

4. Sermon

The young chaplain succeeds in hitting the listeners to the core in a polished sermon. He does this by not leaving jesus' appeals to modesty and humility as a parable, but by bringing in his own experiences and even directly asking the listeners questions. A sermon that exposes one's own vanities and appeals for rethinking in contemporary language, also by means of quotations from pope francis and franc de sales.

5. Communion/communion

The conversion is performed by the clergyman with great solemnity and devotion. For communion, which is distributed at three points in the church, the parishioners leave the church pew row by row and return to their seats along the same path, without obstructing those in line. Everything goes quickly and stylishly over the stage and seems extremely worthy. Perfectly coordinated!

6. Blessing

The young priest brings the service to a close in a stylish manner, fully aware of the importance of his office. He combines the solemn ecclesiastical blessing with personal wishes for a pleasant sunday. Short, but very nice! After this mass, the churchgoer feels enriched and sent off into the new week with good impulses.

7. Ambience

The most unpleasant impression of this visit to the church: after the remodeling, the significantly reduced interior of the church looks like a disjointed hodgepodge of church-historical treasures from various centuries. Just as if someone had temporarily put the fundus of a small diozesan museum there. This confusion unfortunately distracts from the service. Ex-chaplain jurgen lenssen, who as the person responsible for the service also immortalized himself with many details, has certainly not done his best work here.

8. Pew

The pews in the church are modern and comfortable, so that the good hour of the service can be "sat out" without any problems let. Astonishing: in his sermon, the chaplain notes that people like to take the front seat, whereas as churchgoers they usually sit in the back to document their modesty before god. The empty rows at the front proved him right.

9. Illumination

At least on this morning no artificial illumination is required. The church space is flooded with light due to its orientation to the east. The sunlight effectively sets the scene for the high altar and the altar of mary to his left. The same applies to the modern mural "death and resurrection" along with the fallen cross on the north wall, for which a separate light court was created. The more gloomy and threatening the recently permanently exhibited historical backdrop of the holy tomb stands directly opposite.

10. Senses

A catholic sunday mass according to the liturgy, without any significant sensory impressions. The eye, as I said, does not come to rest in this church room; other sensory channels are largely left out. The visitor experiences the kirchgangers, mainly middle-aged people, as a homogeneous, obviously grown unit. A community – reserved at the friedensgrub makes this really "tangible" – in which the guest does not really feel included.

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