Small contribution to climate protection

Small contribution to climate protection

Going to school for a week, foregoing the parental cab in wind and weather and thus making a valuable contribution to the environment – this call by the lichtenfels district group of the bundes naturschutz (BN) in bavaria and the principal astrid balzar was followed by the 174 pupils of the adamriese elementary school.
Balzar praised the young people for their commitment to protecting the environment, becoming more self-reliant and improving traffic safety around the school. Teacher sandra hornfischer coordinated the campaign "I like going to school" in the participating classes, all of which received animal masks from the BN to make themselves as a reward. Two schools each were allowed to present the tree posters, which were printed with many leaves, during the prize distribution. For every trip to school made by fub, pedal scooter or bicycle, another leaf stamp was added to the class tree.
Fritzi fischer was pleased with the active contribution of the schoolchildren to climate protection and made a donation on behalf of the "staffelsteiner burger fur umwelt- und naturschutz" a total of 50 euros for the class funds.
With the saying "a rolling stone gathers no moss" BN district group chairman anton reinhardt pointed out the health-promoting effect and the improvement of perceptiveness and said: "regular exercise is the best prevention against posture damage and back problems, and it also naturally improves school performance." Reinhardt praised the young people: "your contribution is a small piece of the mosaic that helps a little to prevent air pollutants from increasing even more, to prevent the polar ice from melting even faster, to prevent the icy people from losing their habitat, and to prevent the inhabitants of the fiji islands from having to fear for the demise of their habitat." 


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