Stefan heinlein takes over as head coach

Stefan heinlein takes over as head coach

Alexander loffler the successor to hans pietz () has been chosen. After a long election campaign, CSU candidate stefan heinlein prevailed over his two rivals for the chief seat in the town hall. Although close, he was able to avoid a runoff in the end.

"I was hoping for a rational decision by the citizens to decide the election for me against the two other candidates. I put a lot of time and heart and soul into the election campaign. With a lot of respect and humility i hoped for a positive result", emphasized heinlein on election night.

Heinlein thanked the voters: "they have set a sign that they were satisfied with my work in the past years in the town hall and they trust me to lead our community with a competent body into a good future", he looked back on his work as chief executive officer in the municipality of. The voters had understood that his statements had been sincere and that he had always remained objective. The future mayor thanked his family for the necessary support and expressed pride in his "newly assembled CSU family, which has worked hand in hand with me over the past few months in a goal-oriented and objective manner.

Heiko kopp from the burgerschaf(f)t pressig achieved 43.38 percent of the votes and showed himself to be a fair sportsman: "if the voters decide it that way, you have to accept it. And therefore my congratulations also go to stefan." Naturally, kopp was disappointed, since he had hoped to at least make it into the runoff election. Looking back on the election campaign, kopp doesn’t really see anything he could have done better with his team: "i would do everything the same way again. The only thing: maybe we had to be a little more aggressive in advertising." Now it is a matter of waiting for the result of the local council election. "We hope that the CSU will not have an absolute majority and that we will be able to intervene actively. If we don’t succeed, we won’t have achieved anything", kopp hopes for a good performance of his candidates.

SPD candidate peter barnikol-veit could hardly comprehend his result of 4.69 percent of the vote: "we ran a good campaign and had a good program as well. That can not have been the reason and that is why I am now also disappointed. I don’t know whether it was my person or the party – probably both." In the end, however, he also showed himself to be a fair loser: "it was the decision of the electorate, and you have to accept it."


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