Strong club buys bavaria’s cutting edge

strong club buys bavaria's cutting edge

While all the nurnberg players formed a circle on the pitch after the final whistle and swore themselves in for the next derby, the bavarians sneaked off the pitch one by one with their heads down. The 185. The frankish-bavarian duel between the club and the record champions from munich did not see a winner, but for the leader of the table the 1:1 on saturday in the sold-out nurnberg stadium felt like a defeat. Bayern took the first goal conceded and the first point lost at the opponent's place this season but calmly. "This is not a break in the leg. You can't win every game, said trainer jupp heynckes.

While the industry leaders, who were able to extend their lead to eight points thanks to schalk's defeat in leverkusen, were quick to brush off what was ultimately a fair draw, the club has plenty of confidence for the frankenderby next saturday (15.30 o'clock) in furth refueled, even if little has changed in the precarious table situation. Still separates the 1. FCN only one point away from relegation place.

But club captain raphael schafer has already called for a turnaround in the face of the courageous performance against bavaria: "our team needed a game like this to get its bearings." Also for timo gebhart, who was shown a yellow card after elbowing bastian schweinsteiger in the face (76). Although the club had to come off the pitch at the 15 minute mark, saturday's performance was an encouragement: "today you could see how strong we actually are."

The match seemed to take the expected one-sided course early on. Already in the 3. Mario mandzukic's ninth goal of the season put the visitors in the lead in the ninth minute. Half an hour later, rafinha had to add the second goal, but failed to score against club goalkeeper raphael schafer. "We had many good opportunities, but we did not play the last ball correctly. We certainly had to make the 2:0, then would have been here more calm", schweinsteiger mourns the missed opportunities.

Second suit does not fit
When markus feulner scored his equalizing goal immediately after the restart (46.) brought the club back into the game, the french were from then on at least an equal opponent and revealed that bavaria's second suit doesn't fit so well. Heynckes had changed his starting lineup in six positions – partly out of necessity, because arjen robben and franck ribery were out injured, partly voluntarily, because phillipp lahm and javi martinez were to be spared in view of the important champions league match at FC valencia on tuesday. "We have noticed that they do not play their boot as confidently as usual", explained schafer and admitted: "we expected bayern to have a lot more chances."

But the munich team had a hard time with the physical play of the opponent. "Nurnberg fouled our game", goalkeeper manuel neuer complained, and schweinsteiger also complained about what he saw as the unfairness of the opponent's play, which dieter hecking rejected: "if we play well, we'll leave the pitch with a 4-0 defeat. If the bavarians deal with it, we have done a lot right", said the club coach. But there were no two opinions on the expulsion of gebhart. "My arm has no business up there", even the midfielder admitted and was most upset about this lack of restraint: "it hurts when you see what game is coming up next week."


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