The fortress rosenberg in kronach bleeds open

The fortress rosenberg in kronach bleeds open

Just in time the weather over the cranach-town and its landmark, the fortress rosenberg, got the curve.

Just in time for the start of the two-day rose and garden festival on the bollwerk in kronach, the rain stopped on saturday and even tore some small holes in the cloud cover. This attracted many hobby gardeners and families already in the first hours.

Joy for the new generation
Visitors are not disappointed by what is on offer. Around the core of the fortress there is a wide ring with stands where you can find all kinds of plants, handicrafts and accessories to decorate the garden. At the stands and in presentations, experts give visitors lots of helpful tips on how to make even better use of their green thumb. Delicious fruits to take away are offered there as well as jewelry, soaps or furs.

Inside the bollwerk there are all kinds of things to see for big and small. Magic clown ferdi and the join-in circus course as well as a pony ride provide joy for the youngsters. Delicacies that are rarely served, accompanied by a varied music program, let the adults really enjoy the festival.

Flower and adventure park
Also a wide range of health offers with massage, meditation, yoga and much more to join in is presented in the new zeughaus. Once again, the historic military facility is transformed into a blooming flower and adventure park.


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