Things have to move fast for notaries

Things have to move fast for notaries

Just before christmas, of all times, the population was startled by media reports: it could be that no more emergency physicians print out, because their use is no longer to be honored. The health insurance funds and the bavarian association of statutory health insurance physicians (KVB) fought over the remuneration of the life-savers. The specially qualified and trained physicians rush to help in serious traffic accidents. They also come when the medical situation of the patient concerned is unclear, such as in the case of sudden respiratory distress.

As far as the district of kitzingen is concerned, emergency medical care was and is regulated and ensured at all times during the vacation and vacation periods. "When planning the service, we made sure that this dispute between the health insurance companies and the KVB would not be at the expense of the patients, says dr. Stephan rapp, chief physician at the kitzinger land hospital and chairman of the kitzingen emergency physician group. "We" – that are auber stephan rapp dr. Gabriele kinzlmeier-setz in kitzingen, dr. Rudolf wirsing (helios klinik), chairman in volkach, and dr. Klaus kolbert, chairman in wiesentheid. The emergency physician stations in the district of kitzingen are affiliated with the three rescue stations in volkach, wiesentheid and kitzingen.

Providing for the people
"We have made it clear that we will continue to provide our services as before, even at the risk of not getting paid, emphasizes dr. Rapp once again. He and his emergency physician colleagues had assumed that an agreement would soon be reached in this dispute.

Background to the current conflict: for legal reasons, the KVB is only allowed to pay an emergency physician's fee if the health insurance funds cover the costs take over. However, the health insurance companies are only prepared to do this if the respective mission has been recognized as an emergency medical mission by the central billing office for the bavarian rescue service (ZAST). Therefore, all mission data reported to the KVB by the emergency physicians for billing purposes must now be compared with the ZAST data.

For years, there had been ambiguities and discrepancies in the billing of KVB and ZAST. Since 2009, there has been a deficit that has become increasingly large and has been cross-subsidized by the KVB. After this was forbidden by a higher authority, the dispute escalated.

In the past quarter, it went back and forth. The working group of the health insurance associations still wrote on the 19. December in a press release: "still open questions to the remuneration of the emergency physician services are to be answered alone by the KVB." On the same day, the association reacted by issuing a press release with the following headline: "KVB board of directors fears collapse in emergency medical services: health insurance companies leave life-savers in the lurch."

Tight schedule
So each organization blamed the other for leaving the emergency doctors in the dark. "Who is to blame for what is hidden from me", says stephan rapp succinctly. In the end, all parties involved agreed that a solution to the fee dispute must be found and the deficit corrected. This succeeded on 20. December through mediation of the bavarian ministry of the interior. KVB and health insurers agreed on a mabnahme package. According to the agreement, emergency physicians will be paid until 31. Marz receives honorarium at previous high level. Meanwhile, negotiations continue. For the whole procedure has not come to a conclusion thereby.

Rapp himself brings a fair amount of personal commitment to the table. As head of the department of anesthesia and intensive care and currently head physician at the kitzinger land hospital, he has a tight schedule. Nevertheless, he still takes over four emergency doctor services a month. His colleagues are also going on additional missions. Some of them have practices, especially the emergency physicians in wiesentheid and volkach, while others are employed physicians in the kitzinger land clinic or in a wurzburg clinic. With a view to the further negotiations, stephan rapp therefore says: "without remuneration, the idealism of the emergency doctors will reach its limits."


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